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Our goal is to understand and anticipate movements of human beings to take Human-Machine-Interaction to a new level.
We implement innovative approaches to integrate sensors and actuators on the user and component, as well as distributed computing in a local cloud and a classical server backend. As all applications are realised with the lowest latency possible – meaning in real time – we are acting in close contact with research in the area of tactile internet. This includes acquisition, transmission and processing of data, as well as the corresponding feedback to the user. Furthermore we are working on developing new materials and manufacturing processes in the area of super lightweight construction.


We aim to enable an easier interaction between machines and humans with our products. We at Enari want to create a new, more profound understanding of movement than it is currently possible with state of the art techniques. We are creating detailed and reliable analysis and data models by creating a link between athlete, device and environment. Our products are no pure laboratory setups but ready for use in daily life. This is how the usability and field capability of our solutions are quickly optimised and our data models and algorithms can be transferred to different fields of use.


Working for a supplier in the automotive industry he was involved in several projects as a lead software engineer and architect. Beside being the General Manager of Enari GmbH he is working on his PHD in the area of communication networks at the faculty of electrical engineering at TU Dresden.

General Manager & Co-Founder



By working as a material researcher for multiple companies he gained expertise in the area of  lightweight construction and composites. By founding Riot Surfboards in 2012 he was able to gain entrepeneurial experience and create an extended network in the sports industry.

CTO & Co-Founder



In addition to his work as a teacher, he worked as a web and server administrator. By studying mathematics and economics he was able to gain comprehensive knowledge and the areas of algorithmic and signal processing which he enlarged continuously by becoming involved in the area of microcontroller programming.

CFO & Co-Founder



Being in leading management positions of automotive elektronics for 20 years he gathered experience in the fields of business administration, development, production and QS as well as leadership. More than that, he is a people and tech enthusiast with a strong hands-on mentality.

Logistics & Operations